Can I cleanse with Isagenix as a vegetarian or vegan?

vegan and vegetarian cleansingThe movement to vegetarianism and veganism has grown strongly over the last 10 years in the UK. Statistics show that the number of people following a vegan lifestyle has grown 360% during that period. Fueled by wanting to live healthy lives and a desire to support environment protection and animal welfare causes. Over half a million people now follow a plant based diet on a regular basis. If you are one of them, and are considering how you include Isagenix in your routine, read on!

The UK is still a young Isagenix market. The wider range of plant based products that are available in the US, AU and NZ have not yet become available. However the cleanse, or intermittent fasting,  component of the lifestyle can still be achieved using a the current product range. The good news is that the key components are both vegetarian and vegan approved.

Vegetarian & Vegan Cleansing options with Isagenix

Cleanse Days, as we call them, aren’t complicated, but are a significant shift in daily routine. The goal is to significantly limit calories for a period of up to two consecutive days per week and up to a maximum of four days per month. During this period we ensure you still receive the daily nutrients you need from Nourish for Life and other suitable snack options. The supported fasting period lets your body rest and recharge and you will feel fantastic the following day!

We have a great cleanse day schedule that outlines how to plan your intake during the day. A cleanse day involves giving the liver and the rest of your body a break from normal levels of digestion. Having small snacks, however, can manage cravings and provide steady energy while keeping calories very low.

Suitable snack options on a cleanse day are :

  • One serving of AMPED Hydrate
  • One e-shot (great to boost energy!)
  • 80g melon chunks (15 kcal)
  • 80g raspberries (32 kcal)
  • 200g celery (14 kcal)

What to order?

To support you during the month on both normal and cleanse days, we suggest you take advantage of our 10% ‘my pack’ discount and order the following products!

Product  Quantity  Provides:
Nourish for Life2 bottles4 cleanse days per month
e-shot2 boxesFor cleanse days and sporadic energy boosts as required
Ionix Supreme1 bottle30ml Ionix daily to manage stress and energy levels
AMPED Hydrate1 boxFor cleanse days and sporadic energy boosts as required
IsaMove1 pack1-2 IsaMove daily to support regular bodily functions
Thermo GXTM1 pack2 Thermo GX daily to boost and maintain your metabolism

Non Cleanse Day schedule

Until other plant based products are launched in the UK from the Isageinx range, its important to still eat well balanced meals on the other days of the month. You should be consuming three healthy, balanced meals each day and these meals should provide protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. If you are looking to follow a weight loss plan, consider having 2 meals of around 250 calories per day and a third meal providing between 400-600 calories. You should also ensure you consume healthy, nutrient rich snacks in between each meal. Isagenix is a lifestyle that leads to a healthier you! Being hungry is not part of the plan!

For full ingredient breakdown and confirmation of which products are vegan and vegetarian friendly please consult the online product guide. (See the last pages for the ingredient breakdown.)

If we can help in anyway, or you just have some questions – please get in contact with us today!