IsaPro and why its fantastic!

At the recent UK Grand Opening, Isagenix UK launched 2 new products to the market, IsaPro Whey Protein Powder and IsaLean Protein Bars. Both these products provide some great new options for our UK customers but today we want to focus on IsaPro and why we love it!

Some key facts about IsaPro:

  • 18 grams of the highest-quality undenatured whey protein in each scoop.
  • 90 calories per serving
  • A complete branched-chain amino profile
  • Can be mixed with IsaLean Shakes or other foods for an added boost

What makes it so special?

Being udenatured whey protein makes all the difference! Undenatured whey protein isn’t heat-treated,  which helps ensure that all the important sub-fractions are retained in their natural ratios, while lipids and lactose are almost entirely eliminated.

This process leaves us with protein that not only is absorbed at much higher levels than soy based products, but also helps boost the immune system, improve stress management and make you feel full. More information on these great benefits is available here.

Is it just for training?

IsaPro is a fantastic tool to add to your work out regime, in particular as a post work out supplement. You need increased amounts of protein for adequate muscle repair and growth. Though you may not need to lose weight, you may be able to add muscle mass while reducing fat tissue, leading to improved performance. Whey is a protein with a particularly high concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAA), especially the amino acid leucine. Leucine, it turns out, is superior for muscle and strength building.

But IsaPro is more than just for training, it can help you break through weight loss barriers. Combining one scoop of IsaPro with one and a half scoops of IsaLean Shake will lower the number of carbohydrates you would otherwise consume in a two-scoop IsaLean Shake, aiding your weight loss goals.

Bedtime Belly Buster

In addition, the UK now has all the components required to create the awesome Bedtime Belly Buster! By combining 1 scoop of IsaPro with 1½ tsp. (not a whole stick) of AMPED™ Hydrate you can flatten your stomach while you sleep! Really! For more information on the Bedtime Belly Buster click here We have experienced its results for ourselves and it is just amazing.

Why not add IsaPro Undenatured Whey Powder to your next order and experience all of its benefits!