NEW Products and Incentives!

The UK market has only been open for just over a month, but already Isagenix is launching new products and incentives for its customers. The ‘soft launch’ period has been such a success that growth is already underway!

We have 2 new products!

IsaLean Bars : A convenient high-protein snack; perfect to pop into your gym bag and consume after a workout. It is also a great alternative to unhealthy snacks. 18g protein per bar. Chocolate Decadence flavourThese taste fantastic!

IsaPro Whey Protein Powder : A high-protein shake with 18 grams of undenatured whey protein. Awesome if you are looking for a protein powder as opposed to a meal replacement shake.

These products will be available to order imminently. If you are looking at any of the 30 day solutions, adding the IsaLean Bars is a great way to include an easy snack option.

New Business Incentives!

Isagenix has one of the best and most rewarding compensation plans in the business. Whether you are just looking to share the products with a couple of friends or family, or want to run a full home business – Isagenix is a great platform! But its just got better for the UK team!

  • Product introduction bonuses doubled when you share with 2 people in a week!
  • Rank advancement bonuses for those building teams!
  • Extra bonuses as teams continue to use products!

For full details and a great overview of how compensation with Isagenix works – click here.