Team isaCleanse UK Road Trip

We believe that supporting our customers, whether in using the products or in their desire to build an Isagenix business, is the most crucial component we can offer. In addition to the various channels we already offer, Anna from our team is heading on a road trip round the UK to meet as many of our existing customers as possible and ensure they are getting the most from Isagenix UK.

That means this is also a great opportunity for those of you that have not yet joined Isagenix but would like to meet with an experienced consultant for an ‘in-person’ discussion. Just get in touch with us and be sure to let us know where in the country you are. We will do our best to add you into the schedule!

In the mean time you can read all about Isagenix UK here, and learn why it is not a ‘diet’ but a lifestyle. The results of other cleansers in the UK and around the world are a testament to the quality of the products and the principles that Isagenix stands by!