Update Packs and Price Reduction!

new-isagenix-uk-packsIsagenix is known for looking after its customers, so just a few months after launch and we have some price cuts and new, improved packs.

Firstly, e-Shots have had their price slashed by 20%! These shots are energy fuel in your pocket and really give you the energy boost when you most need it. Whats more they are natural and a much healthier alternative to sugary, energy drinks.

Secondly, we have a range of updates to the Energy and Performance packs, which now include IsaPro whey protein powder and IsaLean protein bars as standard. Plus their prices have reduced! Its a great time to jump onto the brand new Energy and Performance Premium pack or the 30 day Energy and Performance programme.

Finally, the Weight Loss Premium Pack has also seen the addition of the IsaLean protein bars, which offer a great snack option for between your meals. 1/2 a bar is just right as a snack. The price remains the same!

These updated packs bring more products options to the packs, and make achieving your health goals even simpler. In particular the IsaLean bars make planning your snacks easier and ensuring you don’t miss a key component of the system i.e. eating every 4 hours! By including the bars in the packs, Isagenix UK has made sure that you have a simple snack option available to you on the days when food prep might just be too hard. At isaCleanse UK we also believe the UK has the best tasting IsaLean bar currently in the global range, you will find it hard to believe that you are eating something so healthy!

Its a great time to get in shape, and Isagenix UK can help you achieve your goals. Let our team at isaCleanse UK help you get started today, just contact us or order online!