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You’ve heard about Isagenix and are looking to create a healthy lifestyle either to lose, gain or maintain weight, to boost energy or add some ‘pop’ to your workouts. But you have some questions, only to be expected! Here we try and answer the most common questions (FAQs) we receive, but be sure to contact us for any further help you need!

Isagenix General Questions (5)

The products help cleanse the body and remove damaging toxins built up over time. While weight loss is a key result of nutritional cleansing, many people use Isagenix products to build lean muscle mass, improve their energy levels, and achieve better overall health as well. We have a page dedicated to the science of Isagenix.

Isagenix has launched in the UK and mainland Europe! To that end the Isagenix team has set up logistics operations in the Netherlands to supply all products to the UK and the rest of Europe. Delivery times are typically 2 – 5 days depending on your location in the UK.

If you read information elsewhere that products ship directly from in the UK or London, then please be aware that is incorrect.

A flat rate delivery fee of £8.99 inc VAT applies on all orders.

Isagenix is so confident that you will both like the products and find them effective that they offer a money back guarantee if you arrange a return during the first 30 days (* applies to first order only). To be eligible, you must keep all packaging for the products (even if you consume the contents!) and contact customer service to arrange the return within 30 days of your order date.

At isaCleanse UK we understand how important food allergies can be (Anna has coeliac disease and is highly allergic to gluten). Isagenix believes that where possible allergens should be minimised, the handy table below shows which products can allergens and also which are suitable for vegetarians. You will be happy to see that the allergens are very low across the whole range. You can also see the full ingredient list in the final pages of the UK product overview document.

isagenix uk product allergen information

It is important that if you are under a doctors care for health issues, then you consult with them before starting on the products. In many cases you will be able to use the products and programmes. The handy product overview guide includes all allergens and ingredients at the end of the document and is useful to share with your doctor.

Isagenix also has a great site dedicated to information about the science and use of Isagenix products. There are some great articles that provide information on some of the more regular health issues people may have:

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